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Let’s be honest: everyone judges books by their appearance.

And too many books look boring, bland – or worse, amateurish and unprofessional.

Why spend years writing a book, and then only a day or two on all the things people will judge it by: the cover, description, author photo and bio, etc.?

You worked hard on the ideas in your book. Professional publishing is all about ensuring that the package is just as professional as the content.

What We Do

We provide the best publishing possible for your book:

  • Cover and interior layout done by professional designers
  • Author bio and book description by world-class editors
  • Full coordination of all publishing details and distribution through all major online retailers

How we’re different:

  • You own ALL your rights and royalties
  • We don’t have cheap or “down-market” packages
  • We don’t have confusing options or sell you things you don’t need


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How It Works

Our process usually requires about 2 HOURS of your time over 2 MONTHS.
Your commitment is simple:
Get on the phone.

We begin the process on the phone and gather most of the information we will need on the first call.

Send us your manuscript.

After the call, you send us your completed book manuscript.

We do the rest.

We handle everything from there.

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Everything you need to take you from a finished manuscript to a professionally published book.


Book Cover Design

We use the best book cover designers in the world. Our designers have done the covers for massive bestsellers such as Zero to One; I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell; Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea; Choose Yourself; and hundreds of others.

Interior Layout (Ebook & Paperback)

We ensure the interior layout is as good as the cover, giving your book a professional and well-organized feel for your readers.

Distribution & Royalty Set-Up

We set up all your distributor/retailer accounts in your name. That means you own all the content — and all the royalties.

Ebook Creation & Distribution

Your book will be designed for a screen and released on all major digital platforms — Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes/iBooks, Google Books, and Kobo. This includes all relevant copy tailored to each retailer, including samples, screenshots, and keywords.

Paperback Creation & Distribution

Your book will be available in paperback print-on-demand format, and placed with the Ingram Content Group for distribution. Ingram distribution assures that your book is available for purchase at physical retailers (such as Barnes & Noble) and libraries worldwide.

Copyrighting & Cataloging

Once complete, your manuscript will be registered with the United States copyright office and filed with the Library of Congress. Your book will also be registered in Bowker’s Books In Print database and will include all ISBN, Bar, and BISAC codes necessary for retail distribution.

Publishing Imprint Creation

Your book will be published under a custom imprint with a name of your choosing.

Author Photo

We can recommend a professional photographer to you to get a high-quality author photo. If you already have excellent professional photos, we will happily use them instead.

Author Marketing Materials

We help you craft your bio and book description to ensure that they sound interesting and professional.

Image Inclusion & Clearance

We can include up to 10 images you provide in the book, and we will ensure that they are properly credited and cleared.

Optional Add-Ons:


We can add a final proofread to ensure that spelling and grammar mistakes are caught and removed. The cost is an additional $1k.

Long Book

For books over 75,000 words in length, the price increases by $250 per 25,000 words.

Hardcover Printing & Management

Hardcover formatting, printing, and distribution is available at a cost of $2.5k.

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